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Updated Guides Now Available


Collections with recent updates to the guides are now available online.  The series for Departments and Institutions of the ILGWU has recently been expanded to assist researchers by providing additional information regarding the collections.  Departments of the union including the Communications Department, Education Department, Legal and Political Departments, now have a comprehensive history on the departments and a more detailed description of what type of information and material can be found within each collection.  Please contact the Kheel Center if you are interested in exploring any of the collections.  The following are the new expanded finding aid:

5780/114.  Apparel, Job Training and Research Corporation records

5780/111.  Archives Department records

5780/121.  Archives Department.  Robert Lazar papers

5780/121 PUBS.  Archives Department collected publications

5780/192 PUBS.  Auditing Department publications

5780/214.  ILGWU Chorus records and sheet music

5780/214 P.  ILGWU Chorus photographs

5780/177.  Communications Department biography files

5780/177 P.  Communications Department photographs

5780/176.  Communications Department records

5780/176 P.  Communications Department photographs

5780/104.  David Dubinsky Foundation records

5780/106.  Education Department.  Beverly Schulman papers

5780/138.  Education Department.  Kitty Krupat papers

5780/166.  Education Department records

5780/166 PUBS.  Education Department publications

5780/086.  Educational Department.  Jasper Peyton papers

5780/049.  Educational Department.  Fannia M. Cohn papers

5780/049 P.  Education Department.  Fannia M. Cohn photographs

5780/208.  Health and Safety Department records

5780/062.  International Relations Department records

5780/062 PUBS.  International Relations Department publications

5780/107.  Legal Department records

5780/107 AV.  Legal Department audio-visual materials

5780/107 P.  Legal Department photographs

5780/081.  Legal Department records

5780/063.  Legal Department records

5780/162.  Donnelly Garment Company v. ILGWU.  Legal documents

5780/118.  Management Engineering records

5780/196.  Operations Department.  Industrial Homework records

5780/202.  Operations Department.  Collective Bargaining Agreements

5780/202 PUBS.  Operations Department.  Operations standards manuals

5780/144.  Organizing Department records

5780/119.  Political Department.  Evelyn Dubrow papers

5780/103.  Political Department records

5780/142.  Political and Legislative Department.  Evelyn Dubrow papers

5780/105.  Research Department records

5780/045.  Research Department records

5780/123.  Research Department records

5780/056.  Research Department records

5780/168.  Research Department records

5780/209.  Research Department records, 1945-1995

5780/078.  Research Department reports, 1938-1985

5780/099.  Retiree Service Department.  David Dubinsky papers, 1968-1982

5780/184.  Training Institute.  Evaluation Forms, ca. 1951-1965

5780/060.  Union Health Center records, 1911-1977, 1920-1960 (bulk)

5780/171.  Union Health Center.  Publications, 1912-1986